122. Dragon & Phoenix


Jumbo shrimp and crispy chicken sauteed w. snow peas, bamboo shoot and fresh vegetables cook in a delight full chef's sauce.

Rice Option Required, up to 1
White Rice
Plain Fried Rice (add $2.00)
Onion Fried Rice (add $2.00)
Vegetable Fried Rice (add $2.50)
Pork Fried Rice (add $2.50)
Chicken Fried Rice (add $2.50)
Beef Fried Rice (add $3.00)
Shrimp Fried Rice (add $3.00)
House Special Fried Rice (add $3.00)
King Crab Fried Rice (add $3.00)
Plain Lo Mein (add $2.50)
Vegetable Lo Mein (add $2.50)
Pork Lo Mein (add $3.00)
Chicken Lo Mein (add $3.00)
Shrimp Lo Mein (add $3.50)
Beef Lo Mein (add $3.50)
House Special Lo Mein (add $3.50)
King Crab Lo Mein (add $3.50)
Total : $10.55